belaDESIGN ベラデザイン ライト・照明 Brother & Sister

Brother & Sister Lamp series
belaDESIGN ベラデザイン ライト・照明
Product: Brother & Sister
Model: L1309/L1312/L1310/L1313
Lampholder Material: German Beech/American Black walnut
Lampshade Material: Beige Linen
Product Height: 50cm
Lampholder Diameter: 15cm
Lampshade Diameter: 27cm

I never doubted that products have genders too. The two lights are named as Brother and Sister to show the integrity and tenderness respectively. I would feel and evaluate the products after proofing and then decide whether to put them into batch production. I use beech from Germany and black walnut from America for this time. I believe that the customers will feel what I want to convey.

Lamp series
belaDESIGN ベラデザイン