belaDESIGN ベラデザイン 文具・筆記用品 Nest Egg

Nest Egg Stationery series
belaDESIGN ベラデザイン 文具・筆記用品 
Product: Nest Egg
Model: CR1201
Material: Canadian Maple
Function: Paper Clip Storage
Size: 4.7*6.9cm

2014 iF Design Award

Eggs, common in life, are already beautiful without any extra design. In this design, magnets are hidden inside so that the eggs can attract paper clips, making them nests instead.
Each egg is made and polished by hand. The grains are one and only in the whole world. The Canadian maple is used for this design. The eggs not covered with paint so that the users can feel the charms of the logs. So how do the magnets get in? Have you found out?
iF design award, referred to as “iF”, founded in 1953, the prize is held annually by Germany’s oldest industrial design organizations – Hannover Industrial Forum Design (iF Industrie Forum Design). German iF International Forum Design Award iF Design Award every year, it is famous for the “independent, rigorous and reliable,” award concept, and to raise public awareness for design, most of its gold award known as the “product design industry Oscars “.