belaDESIGN ベラデザイン 音楽・スピーカー  Circular Music Box

Circular Music Box Music series
belaDESIGN ベラデザイン 音楽・スピーカー 
Product: Circular Music Box
Model: MB1301/MB1403
Material: German Beech/American Black walnut
Length: 16cm
Width: 3.8cm
Height: 6.5cm

2015 iF Design Award

The pure clean music can always calm me down immediately when I am in a noisy and impetuous environment. I have personally experienced it, which gives me the reason to design this music box. Before mass production, I made a few and gave to my friends. It turned out that the adults liked them even more than the children did.
During the Shanghai DOD Exhibition, I saw poker-faced people smile when they heard the music. In the first edition, the music box would be oval-shaped and rectangular.
iF design award, referred to as “iF”, founded in 1953, the prize is held annually by Germany’s oldest industrial design organizations – Hannover Industrial Forum Design (iF Industrie Forum Design). German iF International Forum Design Award iF Design Award every year, it is famous for the “independent, rigorous and reliable,” award concept, and to raise public awareness for design, most of its gold award known as the “product design industry Oscars “.

Music series
belaDESIGN ベラデザイン