belaDESIGN ベラデザイン 文具・筆記用品 Acrylic Ruler

Acrylic Ruler Stationery series
belaDESIGN ベラデザイン 文具・筆記用品 
Product: Acrylic Ruler(Transparent / White)
Model: AR15/AR20/AR30/ARW15/ARW20/ARW30
Material: Acrylic
Length: 15cm/20cm/30cm
Width: 1cm/1cm/1cm
Height: 1cm/1cm/1cm

The scale mark of ruler is equal to a watch’s at times, they’re simple, but clear. Acrylic will be transparent as a crystal through the diamond polishing process, there is no doubt that ‘Pure’ is the first word comes in people’s mind when people see them anytime. Therefore a ruler that get rid of any decorative elements, only shows the clean scale and our logo on the transparent piece is what we did, the ruler and the measured object all melt into one once people use it then. For more choices, another piece was designed for our acrylic ruler series. Single-sided with the white background, and embellish it with black scale marks. The whole ruler design is super clean like black and white. Cube patterns were adopted for the appearance of our ruler, this feature will make the ruler easier to move during the service period.