belaDESIGN ベラデザイン 傘・折りたたみ傘  Ultralight Umbrella

Ultralight Umbrella Umbrella series
belaDESIGN ベラデザイン 傘・折りたたみ傘
Product name: Ultralight Umbrella - Puzzle, Ultralight Umbrella - Dream
Model: Puzzle Blue U6G20PBN, Puzzle Red U6G20PRN, Puzzle Green U6G20PGN. Dreamy grey U6G20DHN, Dreamy yellow U6G20DYN, Dreamy green U6G20DGN
Material: aluminum oxide alloy, carbon fiber bone, nano-hydrophobic fabric
Size: brace diameter 88.5cm
Specification: 6K

In our mind, what should a good umbrella look like? After I experienced this umbrella, I felt excited to share it with my friends. The new material without water, lightweight, UV resistant, smooth push and pull, and the grip of the handle combine these details into a wonderful experience. In the future, the carriage will not be wet; The umbrella can be put into the bag at any time when it is dry. It is light and easy to hold or carry. Sunny days are good, and rainy days are not bad. In fact, everyone needs a good umbrella. I wish you a good mood in rainy days.