belaDESIGN ベラデザイン 掛時計・置時計 Mute Clock

Mute Clock Clock series
belaDESIGN ベラデザイン 掛時計・置時計
Product:Mute Clock
Material: German Beech

Star Trail
The star track is the moving track of the star under the night sky, and it is the walking track of time on the clock.
The end points of each arc correspond exactly to twelve moments, and the number of arcs is gradually superimposed over time, so that it is clearly visible on the dial every moment.

The dial is divided by line segments in the horizontal and vertical directions, and the multiples of three, six, nine, and twelve are used as reference to set the length of the line segments corresponding to the four moments to form an “incomplete” cross symbol. In addition, the dial continues the concept of the alarm clock, emphasizing the seven or eight moments that are relatively important to people during the day, and additionally using digital symbols to indicate the time nodes.

Diagonal Stripe
Compared to the other two panel designs, this “streaked” panel is suitable for you who like everything. Twelve moments all use clear digital symbols, with fine diagonal stripes as the background, making the dial look less “right”.

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