belaDESIGN ベラデザイン ライト・照明 LED lamp series ‘Minus’

LED lamp series ‘Minus’ Lamp series
belaDESIGN ベラデザイン ライト・照明
Product:LED lamp series ‘Minus’
Model:L1921 / L1922 / L1923
Material: Beech
Size:10*10*40cm / 10*10*103cm 

We made many lamps but have not launched a new one since ‘Beacon’ and ‘Mushroom’. The former lamps are compact enough but the new series further adopts the concept of ‘minus’. The area of illumination is once again reduced. You will like more the experience of changing between cold and warm lights with a simple touch. The assembly is as well simplified. The height of the lamp is just right for you to read on a chair or in a couch. The light is gentle thus will not hurt your eyes.

belaDESIGN SHOP¥17,900 Model:L1921
Lamp series
belaDESIGN ベラデザイン